IBOTS win Judges’ Award and Finalist at Southern NH District Event

The IBOTS joined FIRST FRC Team 1922 Oz-ram Robotics from Contocook / Weare, NH and Team 716, the Who’sCTEKS from Falls Village, CT on the finalist alliance at the 2017 FIRST Steamworks District Event held at Bedford High School in Bedford, NH.  The IBOTS were picked by the third seeded team and advanced through the playoffs to the finals.   They were defeated by FRC Team 238, 1073, and 6328 in the final two matches.

The IBOTS also won the judges award.  During the course of the competition, the judging panel encounters teams whose unique efforts, performance, or dynamics merit recognition yet do not fit into any of the existing award categories.  The judges have defined the following special award as a Judges’ Award for the IBOTS:


“We are proud to award the judges award for exemplifying FIRST to this deserving team.  They showed up ready to help with field assembly and were nominated by both judges and other teams for their gracious professionalism. They had a solid design that was well thought out and effective. These were the visible elements that jumped out. When you dig down and talk with the team it is clear that they have a well thought out plan, an organized design approach, excellent communication skills, and a well organized area. For these reasons, we are pleased to award Team 2370 – IBOTS from Rutland, VT the Judges Award for Exemplifying FIRST.”



The event can be viewed online at theBlueAlliance.com.