IBOTS Attend FIRST Championship in St. Louis, MS

Upon arrival at FIRST Championship











Team 2370 (the IBOTS) are attending the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, MS.  This is the first time the IBOTS have qualified for this honor and are very excited about participating in this prestigious international event.  15 members of this Rutland, VT team have made the journey which was made possible by a number of local businesses, organizations and individuals.  The team greatly appreciates the outpouring of support they have received.


Feel free to follow the team by watching their matches on:



Look for Team 2370 in the Carver Division April 27th-30th.

  • Qualification Match 6
  • Qualification Match 21
  • Qualification Match 31
  • Qualification Match 40
  • Qualification Match 54
  • Qualification Match 68
  • Qualification Match 78
  • Qualification Match 95
  • Qualification Match 106
  • Qualification Match 114

The winning teams from each division will face off in Saturday’s playoffs in the Einstein Field.


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